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Fancy Apartments.

Our story

Fancy Apartments started as a Houston apartment blog on the internet. Our founder and CEO Spencer Moore had just gotten his real estate license at the age of 19 and needed to find a way to showcase his market knowledge. He realized that real estate is all about bringing value first before expecting anything in return.

In 2015, As a young agent with limited experience, he realized that he could bring value to people by documenting the properties he toured, letting people know the pro’s & con’s of each community, and writing blogs about the market and leasing process in Houston. Slowly but surely people started visiting the blog, and asking for his guidance on their apartment search. This snowballed into a very successful few years for Spencer’s real estate career.

As apartment locating slowly became more and more popular throughout Texas, Fancy Apartments' audience began to grow. And with that came more clients wanting help with their apartment search than ever before. The vision for Fancy Apartments had to grow. Spencer invested in hiring staff, agents, and a team to help expand the business to serve more people than 1 single agent could ever do alone. Through years of hard work and happy clients, Fancy Apartments had become a top apartment locating company in Houston, TX.

Our values


It is the obligation of our licensed real estate agents to be knowledgeable and competent as a real estate practitioners.


Our agents have a special obligation to exercise integrity when working with our clients, including use of prudence and caution so as to avoid all forms of misrepresentation.


A real estate agent while acting as an agent for another, is a fiduciary duty. Special obligations are imposed when such fiduciary relationships are created.

Meet the team

Our hard working real estate agents are ready to help you find your next home.

Frequently asked questions

How is apartment locating a free service to renters?

Apartment Locating is free to renters because the property managers pay our agents a referral bonus for filling their empty apartment homes.

Will my rental rate change if I use an apartment locator?

Absolutely not. The price you see is the price you will pay regardless if you use a locator or not. Property owners set aside a marketing budget to ensure enough exposure to keep their communities at a desired occupancy rate. This marketing budget includes online ads, large listing websites, and apartment locators.

How do I make sure my locator gets credit for helping me?

It’s so simple! Kindly list your apartment locators name & Fancy Apartments on your guest card before your tour and list their name as your apartment locator / referral source on your rental application when you apply for your new home. This is the ONLY way they will get credit for helping you out.

What requirements are needed to qualify for one of our apartments?

Make 3X the market rent amount (Most properties ask for pay stubs, bank statements, or tax returns as your proof of income)
Have a credit score above 600
Do not have any rental active debt
Do not have any broken leases or evictions on your rental history
Do not have any misdemeanors or felonies on your record

What should I expect from working with a Fancy Apartments team member?

Renters can expect expert knowledge on the Houston rental market and professional guidance on the leasing process. Once you’ve completed our Get-Started form, our agents typically reach out via call or text to connect & confirm your search details. They will then send you our best listings that meet your criteria. From there you can expect them to be a friendly city guide of Houston neighborhoods, make the calls to confirm pricing and availability, schedule property tours, and guide you through the application and leasing process.

What information will my locator need to get credit for my move in?

We need a few pieces of information in order for your agent to get credit for your lease.
This information includes:

Move-in date
Unit #
Rent Amount
Lease Term

Once we get the move-in information our billing team will handle everything from there so our agents can focus on helping more renters like you!

Can you get me better rental prices?

Sometimes it’s possible, but  that’s not always the case. Most property management companies have set pricing and are not allowed to change rates for a particular applicant. However, if they need to hit certain occupancy rates they may toss in an extra rent special, waived application fee, or waived deposit. Make sure to ask your agent to see what they can do for you!

Are apartment locators licensed real estate agents?

Yes! Our agents must pass all the classes and exams provided by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) before they are allowed to work with the public.

Can you direct me to a safe apartment complex / safe part of the city?

As Licensed Real Estate Agents, we are not allowed to discuss safety or any demographic questions due to fair housing laws. However, based on your apartment search requirements we can help narrow down the listings into a neighborhood & home we think you’d love!

When should I start touring apartments?

It’s best to tour when you’re ready to pull the trigger and apply! That could be anywhere from 45-60 days out from your move-in date. If you’re relocating and only in town for the weekend, applying and locking in a deal during your trip is a great idea as well.

Apartment pricing and availability is subject to change every 24 hours, similar to airline tickets. So if you like what you see during your tour we suggest you put the application in then and there so you don’t lose out on it! We’ve seen apartments get sniped minutes after a tour, and we wouldn't want that to happen to you.

Can I change my mind after I apply for an apartment?

Worst case scenario you can always cancel an application if you decide to change your mind, and your agent can find you some fancy new listings to tour. You may lose out on your application fees, but that’s small potatoes when you’re talking about where you’ll be living for the next year!

Does my roommate/significant other have to be on the lease?

In Texas, any occupant over the age of 18 residing in the unit must be listed on the lease agreement.